Stop Fidgeting!

I have to admit. This is something I say to my children – primarily my eldest daughter – more often than I would like. Whenever I am trying to put her hair up, read a book, she’s eating her dinner, you name it, she fidgets. But that’s not really the point of this post. I […]

What To Buy for a 6 Year Old Girl?

It’s not long now until my daughter turns 6. Not a monumental birthday but it is an age where things start to change. She is still young enough that the concept of ‘cool’ hasn’t yet entered her world (thank god), but her tastes are definitely evolving. Gifts need to be more involved, more thought through. […]

Geeking out over kitchens

I’ve decided we need a new kitchen at home. And as always happens when I get set on something like this, I’ve become obsessed with researching. Colours, sizes, layouts, appliances and everything in between. And in doing so I have realised something, kitchen’s are huge business in the UK (I should have set up a […]