A thought on Donald Trump

Donald J. Trump, the Orange man-baby who currently holds the hot seat as resident of the United States has done it again. Sent the media into a spin by tweeting a badly edited graphic from his appearance on WWE showing him body slamming CNN. This is off the back of him labelling them with his […]

Pressure: It’s all in your head

Pressure is a funny thing. We tend to think that some people thrive under it, and others crumble. But can we actually define what it is?  What constitutes the thing we all know as pressure, and under what circumstance is it created? Google define’s pressure in two ways: continuous physical force exerted on or against […]

Create Memories not Social Fodder

I’ve just returned from holiday. A wonderful week spent in a beautiful location with fabulous food, glorious weather and the company of my favourite people. My phone wasn’t invited. For 7 whole days I didn’t once check in, check up, post, tweet or snap and it was bliss.  Not once did I thumb flick my […]