Small Changes, Big Results

I wrote recently about how I’ve embarked on a bit of a mission to lose the Dad bod. I’ve also tweeted about how this is going pretty well. 6 pounds down in 5 weeks. Not earth shattering by any means, but exactly what I was looking for. Steady progress based on tweaks to diet and lifestyle. Well […]

Comparison will only make you sad

Comparison and jealousy are innate in us humans, as well as animals as a whole. I would imagine it is part of our survival instinct. When we existed in a survival of the fittest environment, having more would almost always have been better. It must also be linked to primative attraction, as attracting a partner […]

Taking an Empathetic View to the Economy

In an election campaign there is always focus placed on the economy, both good and bad. We have heard more than ever about this in recent times due to the nauseating talk about Brexit (be if hard, soft, or part baked). Will it be good for the economy, bad for the economy, indifferent? Of course […]

Becoming a Gin Drinker

For as long as I have been an ‘adult’ I have been a beer drinker. I’ve never really felt the allure of any other drink, but love a good glass of beer. I have tried other drinks, of course, but nothing has ever come close tot he satisfaction of an ice cold beer after a […]

No Fear Here

For those that haven’t worked it out from my posts and tweets, I live in the beautiful North West of England and work in Manchester. An area of rich in history. Rich in culture. And poor in weather… Last week Manchester became the focus of the worlds media when it was subject to a deplorable […]

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Richard Carlson has written a couple of books which I recommend to everybody who will listen. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff and Stop Thinking Start Living. I have never been a worrier or an anxious person – in many ways I can be too laid back – but these books further helped shape my outlook […]

RIP Youth

I must be getting old. I’ve changed as a human being and there is nothing to do but embrace it. Gone are the days of dreaming of sports and night out with the lads.  I live my life longing for a good nights sleep and a quiet cup of coffee in the morning. The final nail […]