Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Richard Carlson has written a couple of books which I recommend to everybody who will listen. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff and Stop Thinking Start Living. I have never been a worrier or an anxious person – in many ways I can be too laid back – but these books further helped shape my outlook […]

RIP Youth

I must be getting old. I’ve changed as a human being and there is nothing to do but embrace it. Gone are the days of dreaming of sports and night out with the lads.  I live my life longing for a good nights sleep and a quiet cup of coffee in the morning. The final nail […]

Create Memories not Social Fodder

I’ve just returned from holiday. A wonderful week spent in a beautiful location with fabulous food, glorious weather and the company of my favourite people. My phone wasn’t invited. For 7 whole days I didn’t once check in, check up, post, tweet or snap and it was bliss.  Not once did I thumb flick my […]

F All Matters

I’ve come back to a realisation recently that F All Matters….. And by that I mean, all the F’s matter. Family and Friends. We get so called up in our day to day lives, false priority after false priority take up our time and we can often get lost in what really matters. What we […]