It May Not Be Sporty, But It Is a Damn Fine Watch!

I’ll be the first to admit, I’ve never really been a watch person. I am not really an accessory person full stop in my adult life. I own a few nice items, but they mostly gather dust in a drawer coming out once or twice a year for special occasions.

So it was with a hint of intrigue and indifference I agreed to review the Globenfield Super Sport Watch.

First things first…..what makes this a sport watch? I really don’t get it. A sport watch for me is a hardy, lightweight number with a rubber strap, waterproof to a gazillion meters with a stopwatch as its primary function. The Globenfield Super Sport Watch is a large metal piece which adds a good pound to your wrist. I don’t imagine many people would consider going running wearing it!

But descriptions aside, this is a great looking watch. So much so it has made me change my habits on wearing a watch all together. I have started to enjoy wearing a watch – this watch – a lot more frequently.

I’ve got quite slim wrists. So the size of the face feels quite large on my wrist. But on the plus side that gets it noticed. I have had a number of positive comments on the watch in a very short space of time, maybe that’s what made me want to wear it so much….

The watch itself has a heavy metal strap. I had to get a full five links taken out for it to fit. But that gives it a feel of weight and importance on your wrist. And the white face gives a good contrast to the dark strap and makes it stand out.

The only negative I have found with this watch is that the buttons are a little easy to press. So I often find when I turn my wrist to check the time, that I have accidentally pressed a combination of buttons and am in some unknown function or mode which I need to reverse out of. I’ve even managed to to set the alarm without knowing it a few times!

All in this is a fabulous watch for the price and one which has changed my approach to watch wearing completely.

You can pick this watch up at Amazon for 30% of the RRP!

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