A thought on Donald Trump

Donald J. Trump, the Orange man-baby who currently holds the hot seat as resident of the United States has done it again. Sent the media into a spin by tweeting a badly edited graphic from his appearance on WWE showing him body slamming CNN. This is off the back of him labelling them with his favourite phrase “fake news” and “renaming” them FNN.

Of course this has been reported and picked up on by every major news outlet in the US, and probably worldwide. Responses have been written by CNN, articles have been published and every political commentator has had their say. ¬†And I can’t help but think that right now the Orange one will be reveling in this attention, no matter if a lot of it is negative. It is what he lives for.

And so once this dies down, and he gets bored of golfing (might take a while) he will do it again. And the media will respond in the same way. Again.

So I have an idea. Let’s break this cycle. Let’s not report on it, tweet about it, or write about it. Like your mother used to say about the annoying bee buzzing around you were frantically flapping at, “just ignore it and it will go away”.

Without your attention, the good and the bad, Donald Trump has nothing. Because the media will be forced to report on his policies, and that won’t end well. And he will be forced into forming semi-intelligent ideas, and he has proven he is incapable of that.

So that’s my though on Donald trump. Let’s ignore him, then maybe, just maybe, he will go away.

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