I have to admit. This is something I say to my children – primarily my eldest daughter – more often than I would like. Whenever I am trying to put her hair up, read a book, she’s eating her dinner, you name it, she fidgets. But that’s not really the point of this post. I wanted to talk about fidget spinners.

These little spinny things are the latest craze to sweep the childhood nation and up until 4 days ago I didn’t get it. Not that it mattered to me as I am not really the target market but I just dismissed it as another fad that will be gone and forgotten in a year. But on Friday that changed and I started to understand a bit more.

I bought a couple of the human powered propellers at my daughters summer fair after more than a little nagging by my two little humans. So over the weekend I have gotten to experience them first hand.

I know these type of gadgets can be vital for people suffering from certain attention disorders, but even for me they hold something. There is something so satisfying about the weight and balance of them. The way it spins effortlessly in your hand is a pretty neat little engineering feat.

I’ve not gone as far as getting myself one yet, I’m not sure how that would look in the office. But it has been a bit of a lesson for me in jumping to conclusions about toys and gadgets as passing phases.

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