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My Friend Bob Got an Amazon Firestick

I have a friend, his name is Bob. Not Rob, that’s my name, his is definitely Bob.

Bob (not me, Im Rob) likes himself a bit of technology. And he is also not averse to streaming some sports and films rather than pay subscription fees. Bob is a bit of a chance like that.

So Bob got himself an Amazon Firestick as he had heard he could install Kodi (a naughty piece of software, tut, tut) and stream films and live sports to his TV. Here is what he told me about his experience.

According to Bob the Amazon Firestick is a pretty simple piece of technology. It is very much like USB dongle which you plug into your TV via a HDMI port, with a separate cable which goes into a plug in the wall for power. Once you navigate your TV (via the source button) to the appropriate HDMI you will see the Amazon Fire logos and be able to navigate its contents.

Now you can pretty much house most file types on a Firestick, according to Bob. You could save photos on there to put onto your TV screen if you liked. But what Bob wanted to do was to try and use Kodi (naughty Bob) to be able to play newly released films and live sports on his TV over the Internet.

At first he found the process of installing Kodi onto his Amazon Firestick a bit tricky. But a few searches helped him find useful tutorials which enabled him to do it in the end. However he soon realised that just got the software on the stick, and he needs to find some ‘sources’ of the streams he wanted to watch.

He spoke to his friend, let’s call him John. John was another naughty boy who already had a Firestick up and running and enjoyed Sunday afternoons in his kitchen watching Super Sunday. John told him the best streams he had found were Phoenix (for sports) and Exodus (for films) and that he shouldn’t bother with any others. So Bob added these sources to see what happened.  Here is what he has found so far…

The Good

  • According to Bob you can pretty much find any film you know of using his Kodi installed Amazon Firestick. Even the most recent releases. Likewise with live sport, its all there, even if it takes a little bit of searching at first.
  • The navigation is pretty self explanatory once you get used to it and takes little to no technical knowledge. And with the Amazon Firestick’s remote it is much like navigating the normal TV itself.
  • In addition to Kodi Bob has installed some games from the Amazon Firestore which allow his children to play directly on the TV.

The Bad

  • After a few issues with buffering and some pixelation on the sports streams Bob has decided he needs to up his Broadband speed to get the most out of it. It seems at high traffic times of the day he cant get enough speed to keep a film going making it a little unusable.
  • Even though films which are only just released are listed on there, most of them are unwatchable. He has found that only after a small period of official release do the film streams become usable enough to make it worthwhile.

So is it worth it?

I asked Bob….”For the cost it is worth a shot. If you have £39.99 t spare, and a relaxed view on piracy, you can gain access to any film you ever wanted and all the live streamed sport you can stomach. You just need to make sure you have a fast reliable broadband connection to make it worthwhile.”

So there you have it, Bob says give it a go. I obviously don’t because that could be deemed illegal and I couldn’t possibly recommend it as a result.

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