Taking an Empathetic View to the Economy

In an election campaign there is always focus placed on the economy, both good and bad. We have heard more than ever about this in recent times due to the nauseating talk about Brexit (be if hard, soft, or part baked). Will it be good for the economy, bad for the economy, indifferent?

Of course the reality is nobody has a clue. economists will forecast based on a sequence of uncertain events and try and guess what will happen. Politicians will take the bits from this forecast that fit their agenda and will included those in their interviews but ignore the negatives.

Does the average person on the street actually care though? Probably not. What does our national GDP mean to you or I? Nothing. What matters to us is that we are able to live our lives in relative comfort and can afford to do what we want to do. Most of use would then have an empathetic concern for the needs of others.

In the decade I have made good strides in my career and as a result in my standard of living. I am comfortable in my earnings, even if I have to keep an eye on the pennies. And personally speaking I can tell you this. If Labour get into power I will likely be worse off. I will probably be taxed more and end up with less in my bank each month. However I am still going to vote for them.

I am going to do this out of empathy for those less fortunate than I. Despite the direction my life as headed in I can see that others have been a loss less fortunate. I can see on the streets of Manchester there are far more homeless people than there were 7 years ago. I hear stories about nurses going to food banks and I can see it is wrong. It was tough for me to get on the housing ladder 10 years ago and it would be near impossible now. I hear stories abut the number of people needing to take out quick loans just to get by and it saddens me. So I take an empathetic view to the economy rather than the selfish one most people do.

I think if more people were to take this view then maybe we would be in better shape as a country, and everybody would be better off.


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