The Alternative Father’s Day Gift Guide

I don’t really get the whole “Gift Guide” thing that bloggers do. I mean, I get that its a way of getting free stuff and/or money out of gift providers. And I get that its a quick a dirty way of generating a blog post. But it’s a bit tedious seeing people touting all over twitter the month prior that they are writing one, and then pushing it continually once completed. Maybe I’m just a grumpy bastard.

SO rather than jump on that band wagon I have decided to forego the free stuff and think about what I would really like for Father’s day. I am rubbish when thinking about gifts. I put it down to being content in life and not feeling the need for material things to be happy. But that’s not very helpful for the people wanting to buy me something.

On the whole I would far rather have something less tangible but more valuable as a gift. So here goes….

A lie-in

I can’t remember the last time I had a full, undisturbed lie-in until my body woke up naturally. I am first up every workday morning in our house, and the designated carer for the little ones of a weekend so up whenever they decided I need to be on a Saturday and Sunday. Even on the (very)rare¬†occasion my wife has got up with children of a weekend she is a slow riser. So by the time she has got out of bed they have screamed the house down, poked me in the eye and probably climbed all over me. So once they leave the bedroom I am pretty much wide awake!

A walk on a beach in the sunshine

There is nothing I love more than spending time with my kids having fun. I mean, aside from the times they are arguing and crying at each other, but that’s par for the course. I love spending time with them in environments that excite them. A beach, with the sun shining, some rock pools, and their inquisitive natures would be a perfect way to spend the day.

A morning cup of coffee in complete silence

Like every parent will attest, silence is a rarity in a household with young children. I am a big coffee fan, and my morning cup is a simple luxury that I hold dearly. It would be nice to enjoy it warm, fresh, and in silence for once!

But most of all. More than anything in the world. I want to spend the day with my family, those that I love dearly, doing anything and everything that makes them smile. You can keep you gifts, this is all that matters.

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