Becoming a Gin Drinker

For as long as I have been an ‘adult’ I have been a beer drinker. I’ve never really felt the allure of any other drink, but love a good glass of beer. I have tried other drinks, of course, but nothing has ever come close tot he satisfaction of an ice cold beer after a tough day at work.  It probably stems from my days playing rugby. Arriving at the bar after a hard fought game and ordering a WooWoo probably wouldn’t have gone down too well!

I’ve also never felt the pressure to confirm to any sort of social ways of thinking around drinking. Like drinking wine at a meal as it is the civilised thing to do. Or champagne at a wedding. I’d rather just have a beer, I don’t mind being the odd one out.

There is one problem with beer though, it contains a lot of calories. And in light of my new rejuvenated attempts to stave off the Dad Bod I feel I need to alter my ways. I’ve tried in the past to get into one of the lower calorie spirits, with some success. So now I am trying again in light with my recent health push.

I’m going with gin for a couple of reasons. I want something I can combine with a non sugary mixer. And also something I can combine with a citrus taste too.  The theory being if I can create a cold fizzy sensation akin to beer that may hit the spot the same. And the addition of a citrus flavour add a bit of flavour to the mix.

So for the next few weeks, when the desire or occasion for a drink arrives. I shall be indulging in a gin and slimline tonic with a twist of lime. I’m hopeful this will be enough of a successful trial that gin can become my fallback drink of choice, reducing my beer tendancies.

Let’s see how this goes…..

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