Goodbye Dad Bod, Home Workout Style

Up until two and a half years ago I was a regular gym goer. 5-6 times a week I would head in for a quick session before work or on my lunch break. Not long hours in the gym but regular and enough to keep my waist line at bay.

But then I moved jobs and the morning and lunchtime ritual wasn’t possible anymore. But now I’ve decided enough is enough, this dad bod isnt going to sort itself out so it is time I did something about it. I have rejoined a gym but have also conceded I need to put some effort in the home way if I am going to get back to any resemblance of shape.

And at the age I am at in life, it is very much about feeling good and looking acceptable clothed, looking good naked is long gone!

So I am going to be engaging in a programme of home workouts to help get some pump into what remains of my muscles using bodyweight exercises primarily.

I found a few basic exercises put together by, Paul Olima (for MaxiNutrition), which are his favourite exercises to ensure you’re looking good before you leave the house.

Below are videos of the exercises I am going to attempt to perform on a daily basis for the next month to see how I get on. I will also be sorting out my diet and adding in some protein shakes to maximise the effect. Expect a post in a months time outlining the results and making excuses….

Decline Press Ups


Tricep Dips

Raise And Hold

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