Product Review: Hape’s George Luck Two Layer Jigsaw

My children have always been fans of jigsaws, and it is something I have always promoted. It prizes them away from the television of the iPad and engages their brain in an activity they enjoy. I’ve always also been pleasantly surprised at how quickly my children have been able to complete jigsaw puzzles aimed at their age group or older.

So when I was offered the chance to review a ‘two layer’ jigsaw I was intrigued and also keen to see what it offered on top of what we have in our collection.

I’ve never encountered a two layer jigsaw before but it doesn’t take too much understanding. There are two different pictures to piece together, one which fits over the other in the wooden picture frame. In this particular product it is an arctic themed jigsaw and both follow this theme. Even though consisting of just a handful of wooden pieces the picture itself and the colours used are beautifully put together.

The age guide for the product is 5+, but I have to admit after looking at the picture I was confident my 3 year old was going to be able to do this no problem. Each layer is only a handful of pieces after all. But as there are no connectors on the pieces, and each is a different shape, it is more tricky than it first appears.  My 5 year old picked it up quite quickly, the 3 year old need a bit more prompting and got a bit frustrated when the pieces wouldn’t stay in place.

The two layer build effectively makes this two jigsaws in one and adds an element of complexity working out which shapes are for which layer, it also makes it different from the other jigsaws occupying the playroom.

Overall I found this toy a refreshing spin on the traditional jigsaw and both a challenging and enjoyable game to play with both my children. Definitely one to consider if buying for a 5-7 year old.

You can get it at both Debenhams and Amazon.

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