My Two Biggest Fears in the World

There are not many thoughts that can enter my brain that scare me. Not due to any level of machismo or ego, but more my approach to life and not letting unlikely fears affect me. But there are two exceptions.

  1. Not being there when my children need me, or are in pain
  2. My children contracting a serious life threatening illness

Both bring about a gut wrenching feeling I can’t describe.

That is why the work done by Charities such as Alder Hey is so important. Research focused on the medical conditions affecting children that could affect any one of us parents, through no fault of our own. The work they do has saved countless lives, and will continue to do so, but only with the support of donors who keep their work going.

Their latest appeal will allow them to extend the current Institute building; a dedicated research, education and innovation centre recently built adjacent to Alder Hey’s state-of the art children’s hospital in Liverpool. The second phase of the Centre will allow the hospital to double the space available to undertake world class research and innovation.

Building on the success of the completed phase of the building this second phase of construction will create a facility like no other, solely dedicated to children’s health research, innovation and education. Within this building, Alder Hey’s researchers and clinicians will continue to work with partners in academia, technology and pharmaceuticals to develop safer, better medicines and therapies for children to use in the NHS and throughout the world.

Charities like Alder Hey need the support of individuals like you and me, businesses large and small, and government grants to keep on developing treatments and cures for diseases which one day us parents might need. If you can do anything to help, please do. As one day it could be you who needs their support.

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