Fashion in Fatherhood

I used to consider myself a reasonably fashion conscious person. Not in a have to have the latest thing, trend setter, designer type way. But just in a well presented, on trend, scrubs up well kind of way. In many ways I still do, but fatherhood has changed my approach to fashion as I am sure it does a lot of people.

Most of this comes down to time. Having time to pick out an outfit, maybe try a couple of different shirts, freshly iron anything, has become a distant memory. Leaving the house with children is an operation that involves 99% organising children and 1% making sure you leave the house wearing pants.

So fashion (or even matching clothing) is not something you have the luxury of considering a lot of the time. I find this means my ‘fashion sense’ now revolves around convenience and simplicity. Dark t-shirts which don’t show (snot) stains and can still look smart. Plain coloured jackets so you don’t need to consider clashes. And a simple selection of jeans and chinos.

Another thing that changes is the comfort and practicality factor. It’s not just women who have to reconsider footwear choices once children arrive. Formal occasions become hours of follow toddlers around so gone are the impractical dress shoes. And to the previous point about leaving the house, slip-ons are the way to go.

So whilst I am no saying that becoming a fatherhood means losing your sense of fashion all together, it is certainly time to switch up the wardrobe options.

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