I Don’t Want What You Want

This is something I have found myself screaming inside my own head on a number of occasions recently. Never out loud, that would be rude. And often with a smile on my face as people talk obliviously at me.

I don’t blame people for wanting what they do in life. It’s just not for me.

You want a long term career with a good company and a comfortable working environment? Sounds sensible enough to most. But I would rather have a passion I can profit from and reap serious rewards from my endeavours. And I’d rather retire early.

You take comfort in the stability of your job in such a messed up world? Sensible. But I would happily take a risk if the potential reward was significant enough.

You enjoy the hospitality and gifts bestowed you by the business and the suppliers? I can’t really blame you. But I have a family at home and I would rather see them in the evening than spend time making small talk over dinner in the name of business.

You’re happy to bide your time and wait in line for promotion? Very patient of you. But there is opportunity out there in the big wide world for you now if you just look around you, I would rather go after it.

Happy to do what you are told? Sorry just not my style.

I find myself faced with this so frequently I have started to think that maybe I am the strange one. And maybe I am. But I can’t help how I feel and what I want, and it’s clearly not the same as you.

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