SEO Tips for Bloggers

I have seen a lot of bloggers tweeting and asking questions on Facebook recently relating to SEO and maximising the traffic they receive from the search engines. Having worked in this space I thought I could provide some tips and advice which would help bloggers with the basics of SEO and how to structure their […]

Small Changes, Big Results

I wrote recently about how I’ve embarked on a bit of a mission to lose the Dad bod. I’ve also tweeted about how this is going pretty well. 6 pounds down in 5 weeks. Not earth shattering by any means, but exactly what I was looking for. Steady progress based on tweaks to diet and lifestyle. Well […]

A thought on Donald Trump

Donald J. Trump, the Orange man-baby who currently holds the hot seat as resident of the United States has done it again. Sent the media into a spin by tweeting a badly edited graphic from his appearance on WWE showing him body slamming CNN. This is off the back of him labelling them with his […]

Stop Fidgeting!

I have to admit. This is something I say to my children – primarily my eldest daughter – more often than I would like. Whenever I am trying to put her hair up, read a book, she’s eating her dinner, you name it, she fidgets. But that’s not really the point of this post. I […]

Comparison will only make you sad

Comparison and jealousy are innate in us humans, as well as animals as a whole. I would imagine it is part of our survival instinct. When we existed in a survival of the fittest environment, having more would almost always have been better. It must also be linked to primative attraction, as attracting a partner […]

My Friend Bob Got an Amazon Firestick

I have a friend, his name is Bob. Not Rob, that’s my name, his is definitely Bob. Bob (not me, Im Rob) likes himself a bit of technology. And he is also not averse to streaming some sports and films rather than pay subscription fees. Bob is a bit of a chance like that. So […]

Pressure: It’s all in your head

Pressure is a funny thing. We tend to think that some people thrive under it, and others crumble. But can we actually define what it is?  What constitutes the thing we all know as pressure, and under what circumstance is it created? Google define’s pressure in two ways: continuous physical force exerted on or against […]

Taking an Empathetic View to the Economy

In an election campaign there is always focus placed on the economy, both good and bad. We have heard more than ever about this in recent times due to the nauseating talk about Brexit (be if hard, soft, or part baked). Will it be good for the economy, bad for the economy, indifferent? Of course […]

The Alternative Father’s Day Gift Guide

I don’t really get the whole “Gift Guide” thing that bloggers do. I mean, I get that its a way of getting free stuff and/or money out of gift providers. And I get that its a quick a dirty way of generating a blog post. But it’s a bit tedious seeing people touting all over […]